The Future of Masonry

The following article was contributed by the sitting Master of Richland Lodge , W∴B∴ Patrick Zuniga

Masonic Youth Groups

On February 11, 2023 members of the Masonic family from around District 23 turned out for the annual All Masonic Night celebration at the Kennewick Masonic Center. Although I had to slip out a little early due to a prior engagement, it was heartwarming to see Master Masons involved in multiple appendant and concordant bodies such as the Scottish Rite, York Rite, and the Shriner’s International come together for an evening of fellowship in support the Masonic Youth.

I could only imagine the stories that might have been told in that room, on that evening, of the adventures that unfold between being raised a Master Mason and becoming a Master Mason in both word and deed.

Throughout the district Master Masons are often readily identifiable in both manner and attire. Whether it’s the lapel pins, Masonic rings, or custom license plates through which they display equal pleasure to themselves and honor to the fraternity, for me they represent both goals to be achieved and memories to be cherished. As an example, a tie pin I often wear is a trowel. I wear this for a reason. The Masonic trowel symbolizes the cement that binds us together as a common band of brothers, reminding me of the importance of harmony, and how our principles and duties unite us in fraternity. 

While reflecting on the collective fraternal experience that was represented in the room that evening, a young DeMolay member told me the most critical aspect of their presentation would be “the arch of steel” as he ventured a bit of nervous confidence by stating “it wasn’t that big of a deal.”

Although I was unable to be present when “the arch of steel” was performed, I later read on their social media page that it was “…the first time in years, an arch of steel had been performed by the Mid-Columbia DeMolay in Tri-Cities.”

To me, that feels like the goal of re-engaging with the youth in our community may be gaining some momentum, and I for one think we can feel good about that and express sincere gratitude toward all those who give of their time and talents in making that happen.

Arch of Steel

We have many more goals to accomplish in the years ahead. I’m looking forward to hearing from my brothers about ideas for upcoming presentations, a willingness to continue visiting other Lodges, and ideas for new and expanded resources from the education committee as we look to the future of Masonry.

Fraternally, Patrick Zuniga W∴M∴  Richland Lodge No. 283