Having learned about Masonry, if you wish to become a Mason, please contact us about receiving a petition.

By expressing a desire to become a Mason we trust you have thoroughly considered the step you propose to take.

Since the exact nature of our Fraternity is unknown to you it is considered prudent to inform you of certain points that could influence your decision to petition for membership.

Not All Men Can Become Masons

Masonry does not purport to make “bad men good,” only “good men better.” This distinction is critical in that from its early days the Fraternity took itself out of the “rehabilitation” game – which is the purview of religion and the criminal justice system. Only men of good character are accepted into the Fraternity. Masonic lodges review every applicant’s character – the centuries-old “blackball” system is still in place; candidates for the degrees must receive a 100% vote of the lodge members present.

Duty to God, Your Neighbor and Yourself

Freemasonry strives to teach a man the duties he owes to God, his neighbor and himself. It has for its foundation the great principles of the Fatherhood of God, the Brotherhood of Man and requires belief in a Supreme Being. It interferes neither with religion nor politics.

Admission to the Fraternity must not be sought from mercenary or unworthy motives in the hope of personal gain or advancement. Anyone approaching the door of our Lodge in this manner will be disappointed, and in all friendship we warn you.

Freemasonry is Not a Benefit Society

We do not subscribe so much a year to entitle us to draw financial relief or to make provision for those we leave behind. Its charity is intended for those Masons who, through no fault of their own, have met with misfortune.

A Favorable Opinion of the Institution

Freemasonry has in all ages insisted that men shall come to its door entirely of their own free-will; not as a result of solicitation; not from feelings of curiosity; but from a favorable opinion of the Institution and a desire to be ranked among its members.

Financial Obligation

Should you be admitted into our Fraternity, it will involve certain financial obligations, which you should be able to afford without detriment to yourself or those dependent on you.

In addition to the fees payable with your petition, there will be an annual dues subscription for support of the Lodge, as provided by the By-Laws of the Lodge.

Costs vary from Lodge to Lodge. Joining fees run about $200-$300, with yearly dues typically in the $100-$200 range. You should be financially secure and be able to support your family before assuming such obligations.

Motives and Ideals

We trust you will consider these statements in the same spirit of honesty and friendship in which they have been presented. It is of the utmost importance to you as well as to the Fraternity that the motives and ideals governing your daily life be well in accord.