Past Masters

Often Imitated Never Duplicated

On Monday October 6th, 2014 WM Luis Ojeda and a number of brothers joined in a celebration honoring the Past Masters of Richland Lodge No. 283 (pictured below).

Past-Masters_RML283(Front Row, left to right) Worshipful Brother Connie Eckard 62nd WM 2007, Worshipful Brother Joe Davis 60th WM 2005, Worshipful Brother Vern Fichter 15th WM 1960, Worshipful Brother Charles Davis 44th WM 1989, Worshipful Brother Earl Root 31st WM 1976, Worshipful Brother Curtis Snow 30th WM 1975. (Back Row) Worshipful Brother Ronnie Dawson 68th WM 2013, Worshipful Brother Paul Huckleberry 65th WM 2010, Worshipful Brother Earl Fordham 67th WM 2012, Worshipful Brother Ron Galpin 51st WM 1996, Worshipful Brother Doug Packard 45th WM 1990, Worshipful Brother Harold Galpin 39th WM 1984.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship over dinner before entering lodge with several Past Masters from other local lodges who were in attendance as well. Brother John Lawson, Master of Kennewick, gave a talk on his year in the East at Kennewick Lodge No. 153.

It was indeed an honor and a pleasure to recognize these fine brothers for their service.


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