Lodge Officers 2015

On Saturday December 6th, 2014 at 2 PM Richland Masonic Lodge No. 283 celebrated the 70th annual Installation of Officers for the 2014 – 2015 lodge year.

For the benefit of friends and family who may not be entirely familiar with offices held in a Masonic lodge, brief descriptions are featured below:

  • Worshipful Master: WB Luis Ojeda
    The Master is the senior officer of a Masonic Lodge and it is the highest honor to which a lodge may appoint any of its members.
  • Senior Warden: Larry Wilson
    The Senior Warden is the second of the three principal officers of a lodge and is the Master’s principal deputy.
  • Junior Warden: Bill Miller
    The third of the principal officers is the Junior Warden. The Junior Warden is charged with the supervision of the Lodge while it is in recess for meals or other social purposes.
  • Secretary: VWB Charles Davis
    The Secretary’s duties include recording meeting minutes, completing statistical returns to the Grand Lodge, and advising the Worshipful Master on matters of procedure
  • Treasurer: WB George Saito
    The role of the Treasurer includes, among other things, keeping the accounts of the Lodge.
  • Senior Deacon: Raul Rodriguez
    The principal duty of the Senior Deacon is to introduce visitors and conduct candidates about the Lodge.
  • Junior Deacon: TBA (To Be Announced)
    The duties of the Junior Deacon include carrying messages from the Senior Warden to the Junior Warden and monitoring the main door of the lodge.
  • Senior Steward: VWB Harold Galpin, and Junior Steward: VWB Ron Galpin
    The Stewards fulfill a number of junior assistant roles.
  • Tyler: Ron Sponseller
    The Tylers duty is to ensure that only those who are duly qualified gain entry into the lodge meeting.
  • Chaplain: WB Curtis Snow
    The principal duties of the Chaplain include leading prayer before and after the lodge meetings
  • Marshall: WB Gary Hinkle
    The Marshal’s duties include the organization of processions and ensuring correct precedence in formal proceedings.

Step up Night

Congratulations to all new and returning officers for the 2014 – 2015 Year! (listed below) For the first time in the history of Richland lodge the brothers have voted to install WB Luis Ojeda as the first Master in 68 years to serve a second term.

Step up night for all officers will be Monday November 17th at 7:30 PM.

Installation of officers for the coming year will be held Saturday December 6th at 2 PM with food and fellowship to follow.

  • WM: WB Luis Ojeda
  • SW: Larry Wilson
  • JW: Bill Miller
  • Secretary: VWB Charles Davis
  • Treasurer: WB George Saito
  • SD: Raul Rodriguez
  • JD: TBA
  • Tyler: Ron Sponseller
  • SS: VWB Harold Galpin
  • JS: VWB Ron Galpin
  • Chaplin: WB Curtis Snow
  • Marshall: WB Gary Hinkle

Past Masters

Often Imitated Never Duplicated

On Monday October 6th, 2014 WM Luis Ojeda and a number of brothers joined in a celebration honoring the Past Masters of Richland Lodge No. 283 (pictured below).

Past-Masters_RML283(Front Row, left to right) Worshipful Brother Connie Eckard 62nd WM 2007, Worshipful Brother Joe Davis 60th WM 2005, Worshipful Brother Vern Fichter 15th WM 1960, Worshipful Brother Charles Davis 44th WM 1989, Worshipful Brother Earl Root 31st WM 1976, Worshipful Brother Curtis Snow 30th WM 1975. (Back Row) Worshipful Brother Ronnie Dawson 68th WM 2013, Worshipful Brother Paul Huckleberry 65th WM 2010, Worshipful Brother Earl Fordham 67th WM 2012, Worshipful Brother Ron Galpin 51st WM 1996, Worshipful Brother Doug Packard 45th WM 1990, Worshipful Brother Harold Galpin 39th WM 1984.

Everyone enjoyed the opportunity to fellowship over dinner before entering lodge with several Past Masters from other local lodges who were in attendance as well. Brother John Lawson, Master of Kennewick, gave a talk on his year in the East at Kennewick Lodge No. 153.

It was indeed an honor and a pleasure to recognize these fine brothers for their service.


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Old West Masons

“In most states west of the Mississippi, one of the first buildings to spring up in territorial or state capitol would be a Masonic lodge…”

The above video,  put together by producer Carl Hartman and western history expert Mike Moore, was recently being circulated among some of our brothers via email and we thought it was worth sharing.

Note: Mike Moore is a Scottish Rite Fellow who writes monthly educational articles for the Denver Consistory’s Rite works, is a part of the Colorado Grand Lodge’s Speakers Bureau, an archivist for the Denver Consistory, and a past Master of his lodge. Brother Moore has also authored two Masonic Almanacs.

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Kennewick Installation

Saturday afternoon, July 12th 2014 marked the 108th installation of elected officers at the Kennewick Masonic Lodge No. 153 in Kennewick Washington.

2014-2015 Officers, Kennewick Lodge


Many lodge brothers, friends and family gathered for an installation ceremony which was a pleasure to behold as the new lodge officers were introduced and then sworn in, several of whom delighted the crowd by sporting traditional Scottish attire, right down to the wool kilts – which was an especially heroic undertaking given the triple digit temperatures outside!

The installation team was skillfully presided over by the most recent Past Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Washington, F&AM in installing Brother John Lawson as the newest Worshipful Master of Kennewick Lodge for the 2014-2014 year.

In true Masonic fashion, many of the ladies were present to symbolically and eloquently display the important supporting roles that they fulfill in the life of the lodge, by escorting the newly elected brothers into the lodge to be installed in their respective offices for the coming lodge year.

Smith-Larry Immediately following, the lodge brothers, their friends, family and guests, enjoyed a delicious prime rib luncheon with live music provided by Caleb Knutzen.

The general atmosphere was celebratory, amid fine food and good fellowship, with the occasional toast or two thrown in for good measure.

All in all, it was a delightful and inspiring afternoon, and a poignant  reminder of the brotherly love and friendship enjoyed by all Masons in this great Fraternity of ours.


Congratulations to Worshipful Master John Lawson  and all of the newly elected officers of Kennewick Lodge No. 153 for 2014-2015, may you enjoy a productive year ahead in exemplifying the degrees of the Craft and in continuing to make “Good Men Better” through Masonry.

So Mote It Be!

– Your Friends and Brothers at Richland Lodge No. 283, Richland Washington.