Lodge Officers 2015

On Saturday December 6th, 2014 at 2 PM Richland Masonic Lodge No. 283 celebrated the 70th annualĀ Installation of Officers for the 2014 – 2015 lodge year.

For the benefit of friends and family who may not be entirely familiar with offices held in a Masonic lodge, brief descriptions areĀ featured below:

  • Worshipful Master: WB Luis Ojeda
    The Master is the senior officer of a Masonic Lodge and it is the highest honor to which a lodge may appoint any of its members.
  • Senior Warden: Larry Wilson
    The Senior Warden is the second of the three principal officers of a lodge and is the Master’s principal deputy.
  • Junior Warden: Bill Miller
    The third of the principal officers is the Junior Warden. The Junior Warden is charged with the supervision of the Lodge while it is in recess for meals or other social purposes.
  • Secretary: VWB Charles Davis
    The Secretary’s duties include recording meeting minutes, completing statistical returns to the Grand Lodge, and advising the Worshipful Master on matters of procedure
  • Treasurer: WB George Saito
    The role of the Treasurer includes, among other things, keeping the accounts of the Lodge.
  • Senior Deacon: Raul Rodriguez
    The principal duty of the Senior Deacon is to introduce visitors and conduct candidates about the Lodge.
  • Junior Deacon: TBA (To Be Announced)
    The duties of the Junior Deacon include carrying messages from the Senior Warden to the Junior Warden and monitoring the main door of the lodge.
  • Senior Steward: VWB Harold Galpin, and Junior Steward: VWB Ron Galpin
    The Stewards fulfill a number of junior assistant roles.
  • Tyler: Ron Sponseller
    The Tylers duty is to ensure that only those who are duly qualified gain entry into the lodge meeting.
  • Chaplain: WB Curtis Snow
    The principal duties of the Chaplain include leading prayer before and after the lodge meetings
  • Marshall: WB Gary Hinkle
    The Marshal’s duties include the organization of processions and ensuring correct precedence in formal proceedings.